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DashNet plays IGM (again)

FuzzCat927FuzzCat927 Member Posts: 104 ✭✭
edited February 4 in Games
pls gib content thx

link here

top quality experimental link here

  1. Initial release. No content.
  2. Added first suggestion to experimental build. Still no content in the non-experimental.
  3. Added some "styling". Hope you like it. Still no content in the non-experimental.
pls no
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  • TLGa2007TLGa2007 Member Posts: 144 ✭✭
  • FuzzCat927FuzzCat927 Member Posts: 104 ✭✭
    need more suggestions pls
    pls no
  • ScribbliumScribblium Member Posts: 696 ✭✭
    Resource: Gazons (G)
    Resource: Megazons (MG)
    Resource: Gigazons (GG)
    Building: Gazon Miner (100 G, 0.1MG/sec) Descr.: Get people to mine Gazons
    Building: Auto Gazon MIner (10,000 G, 1MG/sec) Descr.: Machinery everywhere! Let's mine Gazons!
    Building: Gazon Drill (1,000,000 G, 100MG/sec) Descr.: We built a drill!
    Building: Megazon Miner (100 MG, 0.1GG/sec) Descr.: Hey we can mine Megazons now
    Upgrade: Gazon goggles (Doubles speed of MG and GG production.)
    Relationship Status: 30i (Imaginary)
  • TLGa2007TLGa2007 Member Posts: 144 ✭✭
    Tin Ruble (x2 ruble click, need 100 clicks on Ruble button)
    Better Ruble (x2 ruble click, need 250 clicks on Ruble button)
    PreRuble (x5 ruble click, need 1000 clicks on Ruble button)
    More Shawarmas (x2 tents, need 10 tents)
    Better Recipe For Tents (x3 tents, need 25 tent)
    Shop (500 rubles, +5rubles/s and +1G/s)
    Mine (2000 rubles and 100MG, +20 rubles/s and +1metal/s)
    Metal (can't be clicked)
  • MathCookieMathCookie Member Posts: 286 ✭✭
    edited February 8
    Resource: Lines
    Costs 3 Lines
    +0.1 Lines/sec
    Description: The most basic shape.

    Scalene Triangle
    Requires 13 Triangles
    Costs 333 Lines
    Line Production from Triangles x3

    Acute Triangle
    Requires 30 Triangles
    Costs 3,333 Lines
    Line Production from Triangles x3

    Obtuse Triangle
    Requires 45 Triangles
    Costs 33,333 Lines
    Line Production from Triangles x3

    Lots of Threes
    Get 33 Triangles
  • ScribbliumScribblium Member Posts: 696 ✭✭
    @FuzzCat927 Gonna update soon?
    Relationship Status: 30i (Imaginary)
  • TLGa2007TLGa2007 Member Posts: 144 ✭✭
  • blazem7708blazem7708 Member Posts: 6
    edited March 24
    Resource: Line Segments
    Costs 444,444 Lines
    +1 Line Segment/sec
    Description: Triangles are so 1BC.
    Requires 24 Quadrilaterals
    Costs 444 Line Segments
    Line Production from Quadrilaterals x4

    Requires 48 Quadrilaterals
    Costs 99,999 Line Segments
    Line Production from Quadrilaterals x40
    // add stuff here
    Requires 1,000 Quadrilaterals
    Costs 10,000,000 Line Segments
    Line Production from Quadrilaterals x4,444,444,444
    // again
    Almighty Squares
    Get 1,000,000,000 Line Segments
    Line Production x1,000
  • texanrattlertexanrattler Member Posts: 429 ✭✭
    TLGa2007 said:

    I still waiting

    your username is familiar
  • mtbmtmtbmt Member Posts: 12
    Hi, I came here just to ask you a Q: How can u show the remaining time for purchase some thing (on the building)
  • TLGa2007TLGa2007 Member Posts: 144 ✭✭
    edited March 27
  • blazem7708blazem7708 Member Posts: 6
    edited April 6
    New items: Non-basic Shape. Description: Hmmm. what if... we combined a square and a rectangle? Makes a circle. Cost: 10,000,000,000 lines and 10,000,000,000 line segments. An explosion: 10,000 circles, 35 Trillion lines, 10 Trillion line segments, 10 Million GG, and 7 Quadrillion Ruples: Makes: 1 universe/ minute. Description: Wait, we had no universe before? oh well, now we have one. You can put a universe to WORK by adding a lot of that material. Example: 4kGG + 1 universe = 1 gazon working universe. (you can pick the stats.) Bilaterverse: 1 of every universe in the game. Description: Uh, why did you do this?! (I am creatilization, too.)

  • blazem7708blazem7708 Member Posts: 6
    Even more items: A computer. 1,000 metal, 500 GG, and 1 Planning Sheet. (1 planning sheet machine = 1m circles+ universe) Produces 10 technology points. 1 SGSCN (super-galatic supercomputer network)
    1,000,000 technology points, 10,000 metal, 100 planning sheets, 12,000 GG, 1 Biliaterverse. Produces 1 Immediate Universal Creation Point of Amazing Feats (IUCPoAF) / 35 seconds
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