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Dialogue Box Section?

So I have like, an idea for a narrative to put in my clicker, and I wanted to have plot happen sometimes, with characters!
So the idea is that when you reach certain milestones, a dialogue box would change, probably always sitting in the bottom left of the screen.
I was gonna post an image mockup but my account isn't old enough for that. But like, y'know, like in so many games, you have a character portrait at the left, the name of the character at the top, and the remaining space for whatever it is they have to say. It could probably hug the bottom left of the section for like, easier scaling probably?
But like, the ideal here is that like, the game notices "Hey, you've bought this upgrade" or "You've collected X amount of money" and the dialogue box maybe flashes briefly to call attention to itself, and changes to a specific portrait and set of text. You can click on the arrow to move onto the next text, if applicable. If you've reached the end of the text for this part of story, the arrow would disappear.
It'd also be nice if reaching a section of text can create it's own little tag or whatever for me to call back to elsewhere, for example at the very beginning of the game, I don't want the first upgrade to be available until the opening spiel has been fully clicked through.
i feel like this is the kind of thing that's either simpler than i think, or more complicated than i think

so: Dialogue Section Exists
Player reach's milestone
-> Dialogue box flashes
-> Picture and dialogue changes
-> Player clicks 'next' button
-> Picture and dialogue changes, repeat this and previous as necessary
-> Player reaches end of dialogue
-> 'next' button vanishes
-> (optional) new thing unlocked


  • EmasterEmaster Posts: 6Member
    You could use contains:Log option for the layout and the command log(someCSSclass) to input text in this box.

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