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T0EASyT0EASy Member Posts: 5
ok so i found out a way to get infinite cookies next time i tried to load the game it wouldnt load please help me i would love if u could completly reset my stats i would have no problem if u did thank you (T0EASY)


  • SekhmetSekhmet Member Posts: 172 ✭✭

    Try deleting your cookies (:þ), cache, and storage data, that might do the job.
    Then you will probably restart from zero.
  • T0EASyT0EASy Member Posts: 5
    doesnt work becuase i cant actully get on the game so ya i just want like a mod to states wipe me or something
  • SekhmetSekhmet Member Posts: 172 ✭✭
    It depends on your browser.

    With firefox, you go to the menu -> preferences -> privacy and security (or something like that)
    Then you will see things like "cache", "storage data" and stuff like that. You can delete them here.
  • T0EASyT0EASy Member Posts: 5
    erm i went in to fire fox i found no preferences
  • Puppypaws79Puppypaws79 Member Posts: 1
    i need help
    i messed with the import code, trying to find out if it gave me more cookies, but now it will not load. i need help because i want to fix it, even if it means wiping all of of my stuff. but i cannot, because, again, it will not load.
    i cannot use anything except chrome because i am not allowed to.
  • T0EASyT0EASy Member Posts: 5
    did you do anything after that?
  • T0EASyT0EASy Member Posts: 5
    if u didnt go into the code and undo it....
  • RavectiveRavective Member Posts: 11 ✭✭
    edited February 1
    you can just click *Wipe Save*in the options menu. You'll restart from nothing, so I hope you haven't done much on your account
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