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Active playstyle: Pantheon and Grandmapocalypse

QokoQoko Posts: 287Member ✭✭
edited December 2017 in General Discussion
There are some offbeat topics discussing the option to use an active playstyle instead of an idle one, and it seems like the majority agrees idling is better anyway, however, I do occasionally want to try my luck and getting a Frenzy + clickbonus. I'm now at 150 million prestige and just got 350 Prisms, so I'm at a part of the endgame where I'm not getting huge bonuses besides prestige upgrades.

There are three points I'm wondering about when it comes to playing actively, so I want to know if there is any consensus about this:
  1. Pantheon active setup: Godzamok and Muridal seem as good as forcecd, and Mokalsium's huge benefit seems to outweigh its negative effect. Which is then better, Mokalsium > Godzamok > Muridal or Godzamok > Mokalsium > Muridal? Leaning towards the former.
  2. Skruuia switching: perhaps a minor, yet annoying point: if you do switch from idle to active, leaving Skruuia's bonus to your current Wrinklers seems huge loss, but it costs swaps to switch it in. Putting Skruuia in Diamond seems no valid option because of this as you're then required to swap three Spirits for which you don't have the swaps. So then use the Ruby slot instead, forsake the Wrinkler bonus or even ascend and start active from the get-go? How to go about this?
  3. Grandmapocalypse: which stage is best for full active play, One Mind or Pledge? I know FtHoF does not grand CF with DF active, so DF is quite pointless. This does seem to slightly devalue Pledge compared to early v2, and One Mind does allow FEF combos (with or without BF or CF).
Cheers in advance for useful answers :>.
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  • blank3tm0nst3rblank3tm0nst3r Posts: 109Member ✭✭
    1) If I had to choose between the two options you suggested, I would say Godzamok > Mokalsium > Muridal is best, as having Godzamok anywhere but in the Diamond slot is a waste of the bonus you get from selling your buildings. Mokalsium in Ruby still isn't ideal, but the 10% Milk bonus is huge. Hell, even having Mokalsium in Jade is a nice buff if you have close to 300 achievements.

    If I may make a recommendation, having Cyclius in the Jade slot would likely be a better option than Muridal, but only if you can play during the +15% CpS peak hours.

    2) The bonus digestion from Skruuia only applies at the moment you pop your wrinklers. Having Skruuia in Diamond with 12 wrinklers for a full 24 hours will not give you any more cookies than if you put Skruuia in Diamond the moment before you pop the same wrinklers.

    3) The consensus seems that One Mind is optimal for active play. Golden Cookies spawn 67% of the time with Wrath Cookies at only 33%. This gives you good odds at having Frenzy/Click Frenzy combos, low odds at unlucky Wrath Cookies, with an added chance (albeit small) of having an Elder Frenzy in the mix. Not to mention, you can have full wrinkler support as this is all going on.
  • QokoQoko Posts: 287Member ✭✭
    edited December 2017


    Cheers for the answers:
    Answer to 1: yeah I do have 306 achievements, so Mokalsium is huge for a CpS boost. Even up to a point where I consider that being better than any click bonus regardless, ie it buffs CpS more in Diamond than Godzamok does increase click potential when it's in the Diamond slot instead. Though that's something I can't back up, was just wondering if some tried some combos.

    Answer to 2: that I know: the question is about how to deal with switching Skruuia in and out to pop Wrinklers when switching from idle to active. Feel like there is no reasonable way to get the Wrinkler bonus from Skruuia if you want to switch to an active playstyle. EDIT: I can answer this myself. I would say just put Skruuia in Diamond, then switch the active spirits in every hour, or Ascend and start a new run, depending on your relative output in the current Ascension.

    Answer to 3: makes sense as I already thought. Also considering that Eldeers are no longer the main source of endgame production too.

    ADD: I've tried the setup below and due to a very lucky FEFCF (CF proccing from FtHoF) I've made 600 Undec cookies in half a day, which is about 12x more than my total baked before the Ascension, instantly reaching 350 Chancemakers. I did reset as it unlocked Diabetica Daemonicus too, which IMO is more important for the long run than to get the 1 Duodec achievement (EDIT: until I now realize Diabetica Daemonicus is only useful for savescummers, which I don't do, which sucks).
    • Pantheon: Mokalsium > Godzamok > Muridal (Cyclius is no reasonable option for me).
    • Grandmapocalypse: One Mind
    • Krumblor: Radiant Appetite and Breath of Milk.
    I tend to note a few things when playing like this: Wrinklers seem to be greatly devalued in light of any CF, especially when playing with Godzamok. In the next run I'm considering to indeed switch Godzamok and Mokalsium around: this has the additional benefit that GCs overlap better. One Mind still seems to be the better option than Pledge, simply due to the FEF chances.

    I can recommend anyone trying the setup every so often, rather than just let the superior idle setup run. You're basically just waiting for your Wrinklers to generate your cookies, whereas with some intuitivity with FtHoF you can make loads more in less time.
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  • dr_flashdr_flash Posts: 124Member ✭✭
    I'm trying the One Mind setup now. Never in a million years had I thought of that actually. I just wanna eat every available upgrade. Learned to stay off the Chocolate Egg a long while ago, but this one is a nice new thing to try :)
  • dr_flashdr_flash Posts: 124Member ✭✭

    The consensus seems that One Mind is optimal for active play. Golden Cookies spawn 67% of the time with Wrath Cookies at only 33%.

    Wait, you mean just not clicking any more Research upgrades after One Mind? Or just before Elder Pact? I'm now trying the latter since some hours and it seems more like 20% Golden vs 80 % wrath :(

  • dr_flashdr_flash Posts: 124Member ✭✭
    nvm, I see you must indeed stop @ One Mind. Ascend once more....
  • MaddieMaddie Posts: 178Member ✭✭
    edited December 2017
    No, you stop after the boost after One Mind -- Exotic Nuts. It doesn't affect the golden/wrath cookie ratio; it's just a straight CPS multiplier.
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  • dr_flashdr_flash Posts: 124Member ✭✭
    Yeah I see. But if you take Communal Brainsweep the Golden/Wrath ratio will change from 2:1 to 1:2, so that's a bad idea.
  • MaddieMaddie Posts: 178Member ✭✭
    Yes. You stop before Communal Brainsweep, unless you're going to go on to full Grandmapocalypse and rely on the Golden Switch.
  • dr_flashdr_flash Posts: 124Member ✭✭
    Even before CB, you can still use the Golden Switch while idle :)
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