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Speed Baking 3 v2 during Christmas: near-failsafe method

QokoQoko Posts: 287Member ✭✭
edited December 2017 in General Discussion
Hey Dashnet, back from long gone! About 50 days ago I restarted CC, and today, after pushing 100 Ascensions, I wanted to lay my hands on Speed Baking 3 (SB3) as it's the natural Christmas season, and I've unlocked SB3 in all my previous playthroughs too.

I know that the common way to get SB3 is to get a Click Frenzy (CF) as first (or second if lucky) Golden Cookie (GC). Chances of this happening are slim, and the problem is that you're waiting ~7,5 minutes for each GC to spawn as you have no GC upgrades.

I've come to the conclusion that if you start with a Reindeer upgrade as first Christmas upgrade, it creates a cascade of possibilities which allowed me to get SB3 on my second try with ~two minutes to spare, and could repeat it. I can confirm this works with both 'Reindeer baking grounds' and 'Ho ho ho-favored frosting': the former takes slower to build up but makes the mark easily, whereas the latter starts out quick (first Reindeer) but slows down a bit near the end and is more tight on the mark.

Short version:
  1. Reset till you get 'Reindeer baking grounds' or 'Ho ho ho-favored frosting' as first Christmas upgrade.
  2. First GC needs to be a Frenzy (of course, a CF still works too).
  3. You need a Frendeer during the Frenzy.
  4. Keep buying optimally: the Frenzy and Frendeer should set you up to get it within time.
Essentially, the benefit is that you don't have to wait for 7.5 minutes to see if you get a Click Frenzy, instead, you can repeat the reset till you get a Reindeer upgrade.

Long version:
  1. Reset with Born Again.
  2. Click 25 times and buy 'A festive hat'.
  3. If not 'Reindeer baking grounds' or 'Ho ho ho-favored frostling', reset. [1] Timestamp: ~20 seconds.
  4. Click till 115 cookies and buy a Cursor and 'Reinforced index finger'.
  5. Click till 500 cookies and buy 'Carpel tunnel prevention cream'.
  6. Click till 1100 cookies and buy a Farm
  7. Click till 2525 and buy the Reindeer upgrade.
  8. Buy Christmas stage(s) for a useful upgrade. [2] (b) Timestamp: ~3 minutes.
  9. Click for more Farms. You want to have at least two before the first Reindeer.
  10. Click the first Reindeer. Timestamp: ~4 minutes
  11. Buy Farms, Mines, 'Cheap Hoes', 'Fertilizer', 'Farmer grandmas' and/or 'Sugar Gas', optimally. [3]
  12. Click the Reindeer (if 'Reindeer baking grounds'). Timestamp: ~6 minutes
  13. Click the Golden Cookie for a Frenzy. [4] Timestamp: ~7.5 minutes
  14. During Frenzy, just keep buying Farms and Mines (and (Christmas) upgrades) optimally.
  15. Click the Frendeer. [5] Timestamp: ~8 minutes
  16. For the next steps, keep buying efficiently.
  17. Click the Reindeer ('Reindeer baking grounds') Timestamp: ~10 minutes
  18. Click the Reindeer Timestamp: ~12 minutes
  19. Click the Reindeer ('Reindeer baking grounds') Timestamp: ~14 minutes
  20. Click the Golden Cookie. [6] Timestamp: ~15 minutes
1] The benefit of this 'chance' is that it's available within a matter of seconds. For GCs you have to wait ~7.5 minutes: also the chance of either appearing is 2/14 = 1/7, which is reasonable.

2] You need to have this before the first Reindeer. If a Christmas stage gives you a useful upgrade, stop buying stages. If not, buy another stage. Do this at most three times, for a maximum cost of 68175 per upgrade. Useful are the other Reindeer upgrade (if you get it you're in for a very easy run), 'Increased merriness', 'Improved jolliness' and 'Santa's legacy'. The rest are not.

3] Three times now I've done this without using an optimal building strategy, just most focusing on Farms and Mines and their upgrades, whichever has the best cost/CpS ratio. If you do buy 'Farmer grandmas', Grandmas become very strong for Farms, which could make Grandma specific upgrades efficient too.

4] This GC needs to be either a CF (still works, though negates this guide), or a Frenzy. If you get a Lucky, despite the good start you still need to reset. This guide assumes you get a Frenzy, as a CF is a matter of buying 'Ambidextrous' and just click like crazy, with six minutes to spare.

5] You need a Frendeer for this to be optimal, as this gives a huge chunk to work with. In fact, this get you to ~150k cookies total baked, and enough to spend to put CpS at ~1k. This depends on the actual amount you got built and which Reindeer upgrade you have. With seven minutes to go, you're nearing in to a million by idling, but Reindeers should definitely get you there.

6] You will either get the second GC within time or not, but if you kept building efficiently, your CpS and Reindeer should have gotten you close to a million.
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