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Darck Magik, power tower, grandma's cookie and potions

kermanklookermankloo Posts: 5Member
edited December 2017 in Suggestions
My idea is that
Black Magic axe to be obtained with the legacy cost 225 prestige with this we will get new cookies like the magic cookie or the dark magic cookie and the ancestral cookie, there will be a new building this is the tower of power Costa 3,422 quintillions of Cookies, This tower that comes from the underworld will not only give cookie but if we buy the cookies of power in the legacy to 122 prestige will obtain new cookies these are...
Power biscuit, infernal cookie and red magic cookie, art of cooking, this will be obtained if we improve the grandmothers with the sugar lumps,
In this applies a little black magic to create cookies in Level 1 only buy cookies for dark magic
But, at level 2 we can buy the biscuit granny This will be bought with cookies and dark magic (the Dark magic is obtained from the Witch towers) this cookie we can improve
The potions will be obtained in the Witches tower with a spell that will make you of a random effect as...
10% more likely to appear gold biscuits get a certain amount of biscuits increase by 50% speed when you get black magic
(This is a little difficult, 0.0001 probability of getting)
Buying the witch cookie costs 14 trillion, if you buy it, increase by 12% production in the tower of You can also buy a keeper who destroys wrinklers
The achievements..
Dark Magic get 1 million dark magic potions potions!
Buy your first passion grandma's Cookies
Get your first celestial cookie enhancement
The Best gallery of all
Get the fifth enhancement of the heavenly cookie The Grandma cookie is the best
Get the latest enhancement of the heavenly cookie the great tower buy 1 Power tower
The great tower but of power
Get 10 Power Towers
Much power
Buy 100 Power Towers
100? Why not 200
Get 200 Power Towers
You're happening friend
Get 350 Power Towers
The Towers (PT: Power)
Generate 100 septillions with power tower
(/&=) (! "25 &/)
Generate 1 octillion with power tower
1 Best 10!!
Generate 10 octillones per second
Sugar tower have at level 10 with sugar lumps the power tower

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