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Do you remember the first time you...

iceklausiceklaus Member Posts: 1,188 ✭✭✭
edited December 2017 in General Discussion
There is a first time for everything, this amazing cookie universe provides us with a lot of first times.

Do you remember?
the ones who dare have lives woth dying for

shhhhh... nothing to see here

Do you remember the first time you... 7 votes

Used a calculator to help with CC
luewsmokez 1 vote
Could swear you felt a cookie smell when openning the laptop lid
iceklaus 1 vote
Got sad about ascending
Got happy about ascending
Read the CC wiki
TUSLOS1227RavectiveBigbyBossinAbundance 4 votes
Assemble an offering in a ritual for Orteil
Vini 1 vote
Spent a minute mind-picturing the kitten in suits
After coming home, cheking out the CC progress before saying hi to the kids


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