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Easter Eggs

orobourosorobouros Member Posts: 22 ✭✭
After a loooooooong day of alt-tabbing active play, I don't have all the Easter Eggs, despite having Omlette, Santa's Bag, and Celibrex (Ruby-slotted). They seem almost unbearably slow to drop, with 3 direct buffs. To my knowledge there is only one more (the heavenly upgrade for Easter).

I get a Cookie Storm, 2 Cookie Chains, pop multiple sets of 12 Wrinklers, and not even one egg. I'm spamming Force the Hand of Fate to get extra cookies and they just... will... not... drop. It's starting to look like, if you plan on getting any sleep or being away from your screen for long enough to eat and wash, you can't get all the eggs out of 1 use of the Season Switcher because it's taking more than 16 hours of active play for them to drop.

This is my first Legacy since the Season Switcher was added, so is this a fluke of terrible RNG, or are Easter Eggs in need of some attention?


  • iceklausiceklaus Member Posts: 1,188 ✭✭✭
    a fluke it seems, sometimes I get them all within an our, other times it is just the pain you just described.... good luck next ascenssion
    the ones who dare have lives woth dying for

    shhhhh... nothing to see here
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