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Progress wipe

SplekhSplekh Member Posts: 1
I know this question has been asked and answered a lot of times, but is there any "new" way to recover your progress now? I've been in the same run for almost 800 days, with it being completely maxed out in a couple of weeks. I haven't saved in a long time, and there is no errors with my browser cookies, i already checked that.


  • iceklausiceklaus Member Posts: 168 ✭✭
    you can use the "export save" button in the options menu and back it up wherever you want.
    the ones who dare have lives woth dying for
  • FanPiBeFanPiBe Member Posts: 2
    hi, i was playing and when exported save and imported load the game "forgot" about all updates and heavenly chips... what can i do?
  • iceklausiceklaus Member Posts: 168 ✭✭
    you probably imported the wrong text (or forgot to overwrite your previous export), try again with your last saved text.
    the ones who dare have lives woth dying for
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