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Who has more clean cookies than me? No cheating.

GrishjärtaGrishjärta Member Posts: 4
I've played this game for a couple of years now, currently playing in challenge mode to get the hardcore achievement. I can't post links yet so I'll just write the interesting ones ones.

Cookies baked (All time): 133.473 tredecillion
Legacy started: A long while ago, with 18 ascensions
Golden cookie clicks 2 (all time: 6,831
Sugar lumps harvested: 157
Prestige level: 51.105 billion.
Heavenly chips: 49.596
Prestige upgrades unlocked: 65/65 (100%)
Achievments unlocked: 309/328 (94%)
Milk: Rank XI - Honey Milk

These are my stats atm, I've played legit using no cheats, no autoclickers or anything really. I don't know how to prove that other than giving you my word. Besides, there's really no pride in having the most cookies, it basically shows what a loser I am, so why would I fake it.

Anyway, I'm just really curious how many players can beat my all time cookies baked. Show me your stats if you are above me or close to me. Maybe theres people that are way above me, I'm just really curious.


  • dr_flashdr_flash Member Posts: 43 ✭✭
    I'm in it for over 3 years now, pretty actively I think, But still only about 8 Duodec without cheating. Maybe I just ascend too fast (I usually ascend every 3-4 days, about 250 ascensions now)
  • GrishjärtaGrishjärta Member Posts: 4
    You may actually play it more efficient than me with more ascensions, when I say I have played for a couple of years I actually mean like since 2013 when I think about it so you may go over me in time.

    The reason I don't ascend so often is that first of all I kind of like to grind a bit, if I know I will afford a good upgrade in a week or two, I'll just wait it out. And secondly, and this is probably the reason I'm so addicted to idle games, I love the satisfaction when I see a significant boost after a long grind.
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