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Who has more clean cookies than me? No cheating.

I've played this game for a couple of years now, currently playing in challenge mode to get the hardcore achievement. I can't post links yet so I'll just write the interesting ones ones.

Cookies baked (All time): 133.473 tredecillion
Legacy started: A long while ago, with 18 ascensions
Golden cookie clicks 2 (all time: 6,831
Sugar lumps harvested: 157
Prestige level: 51.105 billion.
Heavenly chips: 49.596
Prestige upgrades unlocked: 65/65 (100%)
Achievments unlocked: 309/328 (94%)
Milk: Rank XI - Honey Milk

These are my stats atm, I've played legit using no cheats, no autoclickers or anything really. I don't know how to prove that other than giving you my word. Besides, there's really no pride in having the most cookies, it basically shows what a loser I am, so why would I fake it.

Anyway, I'm just really curious how many players can beat my all time cookies baked. Show me your stats if you are above me or close to me. Maybe theres people that are way above me, I'm just really curious.


  • dr_flashdr_flash Posts: 124Member ✭✭
    I'm in it for over 3 years now, pretty actively I think, But still only about 8 Duodec without cheating. Maybe I just ascend too fast (I usually ascend every 3-4 days, about 250 ascensions now)
  • GrishjärtaGrishjärta Posts: 4Member
    You may actually play it more efficient than me with more ascensions, when I say I have played for a couple of years I actually mean like since 2013 when I think about it so you may go over me in time.

    The reason I don't ascend so often is that first of all I kind of like to grind a bit, if I know I will afford a good upgrade in a week or two, I'll just wait it out. And secondly, and this is probably the reason I'm so addicted to idle games, I love the satisfaction when I see a significant boost after a long grind.
  • AnkylosAnkylos Posts: 5Member
    edited January 2018
    6.75 Decillion with 5 Ascensions. Mostly idling until yesterday when I found out about Godzamok with Frenzy and Dragonflight. Yesterday was the first time I ever went over a Decillion. I actually got to 2.3 Decillion. Not sure how long I've been playing. Not sure if "Legacy started : 851 days ago, with 5 Ascensions" means I started playing then or I have been playing since before there were heavenly chips. But that puts me at least around September of 2015 or 2.33 years. My son keeps asking me to quit or at least get an auto-clicker. I'm like HELL NO. What's the point if you cheat them in??? Then it becomes who can cheat the best!!!
  • AnkylosAnkylos Posts: 5Member
    Found out Prestige has been around since Sep 2013. Still not sure if that 851 days is when I started or the first time I ascended. Maybe one of you know.
  • NavyDan1NavyDan1 Posts: 58Member ✭✭
    When you started.
  • 5rd105rd10 Posts: 3Member
    edited January 2018
    Well I don't have more than you but here are my stats

    Cookies baked (All time): 7.692 tredecillion
    Legacy started: 1,548 days ago, with 212 ascensions (may eventually try to get 1000 ascensions for the shadow achivement)
    Golden cookie clicks 1,772 (all time: 16,123)
    Sugar lumps harvested: 184
    Prestige level: 2.746 billion (with almost 17m legacy points in this ascension run)
    Heavenly chips: 1.236 billion
    Prestige upgrades unlocked: 65/65 (100%)
    Achievments unlocked: 318/332 (95%)
    Milk: Rank XI - Honey Milk

    I've been trying to collect shiny wrinklers recently, in my run that has lasted 53 days I currently have one, with 6,247 wrinklers popped. This is my second ever shiny wrinkler; the first one I popped quite the time ago for the shadow achievement.

  • SSPmrsomebody1SSPmrsomebody1 Posts: 10Member
    My friend had a save with Infinity cookies in the bank (the number was too big for JavaScript and maxed out) and his cookies per click were in the duovigitillions or something. He said he didn't cheat but I can't confirm that.
  • BillaboBillabo Posts: 1,324Moderator, Friendly, Conversationalist Mod
    He cheated.
    Fire Emblem: Fates castle address
  • MaddieMaddie Posts: 178Member ✭✭
    He pretty much had to have cheated to get that high.
  • bob_32_116bob_32_116 Posts: 788Member ✭✭✭
    133 tredecillion is pretty impressive. that would not be enough to get the "450 of everything" achievement though would it? By my calculations it would cost about 350 tre to get 450 chancemakers.

    FWIW my current CBAT is 9.028 tredecillion. The screen says I started 657 days ago but the actual playing time is only 578 days.
  • dparejadpareja Posts: 460Member ✭✭✭
    2.968 quattuordecillion, though I do savescum Click frenzies onto Force the Hand of Fate. 887 days, though a lot of that had the game closed.
  • OldfurtOldfurt Posts: 1Member
    No cheats.
    CBAT: 466 duo
    Legacy: 1661 days, 1018 ascensions
    Golden cookies: 13 (all time 133,817)
    Sugar lumps: 365
    Prestige level: 4.655 billion
    Prestige upgrades unlocked 68/68
    Upgrades unlocked: 386/387 (missing "450 for all" cookies)
    Achievements: 352/378 (13 shadows, all ?)
    missing: # cookies, cookie rates, ascension cookies, level 10s, 450s

    Working on 2nd seed log, then I'll go back idle - golden switch on, let the wrinklers run,
    then mass pop them(Elder pledge, Elder Convenant On/Off) every day or so, and buy buildings.

    I ascend when my current cookie baked equals cookie forfeited. I did go ascension crazy to get that shadow achievement. Before the golden switch appeared, I did do a lot with the golden cookies, (thus the 133,817)
  • sky_shrimpsky_shrimp Posts: 58Member ✭✭
    dpareja said:

    2.968 quattuordecillion, though I do savescum Click frenzies onto Force the Hand of Fate. 887 days, though a lot of that had the game closed.

    Does it stop at quattuordecillion?

    How do you save scum click frenzies onto Force of Hand?

  • miroslavmiroslav Posts: 1Member

    No cheat.

    Been playing CC before 2014.

    Two days ago i was at 23 terdec. Then, i get super lucky (i have save of it!) combo bank, x777 and elder frenzy - activated frozen bluebery with 15min tick and harvested all.
    Bum - 200 terdec in bank. Next day similar situation - even better - elder frenzy + portal + bank combo + blueberry 15 min tick= bum 600 terdec.

    And information, last 450 chancemaker is worth 45tredec :-)
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