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How player can gain X Buildings2 for every Y Buildings1 he already have?

dizzykeidizzykei Posts: 5Member
edited November 2017 in Developer's Lounge
Let's say i have cow as building 1 and house as building 2. I want that player earn 1 house for every 10 cows he buy. And it will be the only way to have houses. But he still can sold it. How to do it?


  • hoglahoohoglahoo Posts: 20Member ✭✭
    edited November 2017
    for building 1 you could do:
    on tick:building2 is 0.1*building1
    and then for building 2 make sure to use "no buy"
  • dizzykeidizzykei Posts: 5Member
    Thank you! It works, but in a strange way. I get first building 2 for 10 b1, next for 15, next for 25, next for 35.
  • hoglahoohoglahoo Posts: 20Member ✭✭
    Looks like it's rounding. Maybe try rounding down to the integer by using floor()

    on tick:building2 is floor(0.1*building1)

    This way if you have, say, 19 building1s, you'd have floor(0.1*19) -> floor(1.9) -> 1 and then at 20 it should go up to 2
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