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SOLVED - Achievement icons not unlocking

Hukka55Hukka55 Member Posts: 5
edited December 15 in Bug Reports
Browser: Chrome Version 62.0.3202.94 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Player: 2nd ascension cookie noob

Problem: After some point (cannot say with certainty), achievement icons stopped unlocking.
I get the pop up informing I have gotten an achievement, but then it does not appear in the Stats.

For instance, I just got the Grimoire, used it and gained some cookies, got an achievement about summoning cookies, clicked "x" on the pop up and went to see Stats, and it's not there. I suspect it's not the only one missing either.

Maybe it's because I have changed the name of the bakery several times over.
That is the "out of ordinary" thing I have done, that I can think of.

I saw (And search brought up) no bug report for this particular matter, so here it is.

SOLVED: seemed to correct itself after a while.
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  • Hukka55Hukka55 Member Posts: 5
    edited November 25
    Just wrong achieved, showing now - but was not showing before.
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  • Hukka55Hukka55 Member Posts: 5
    edited November 25
    Clickageddon achievement not showing after just getting it.
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