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Cookie Clicker kills my sound

NameyoNameyo Posts: 1Member
CC Running Version: 2.0042
Browser Version: Firefox 57.0 (64-bit)

When I play Cookie Clicker, sometimes a sound playing will knock out ALL of my audio drivers, forcing me to click my volume button down in the taskbar to get the troubleshooter program to run and boot my audio back up. This happens whenever I click the cookie especially rapidly or buy a lot of buildings. If I had to guess, the glitch is related to audio playing. Other than sound sometimes seeming a bit choppy (especially when its about to knock my audio out), I didn't hear anything especially unusual. The glitch does not occur if I turn the volume all the way down in Cookie Clicker's settings. This type of thing has not happened anywhere else in my web browsing routine.

I use Cookie Monster (run through Tampermonkey) for helping decide which buildings to buy, but I disabled it to see if it was the cause of the glitch. The glitch still occurs, Cookie Monster or not. That was the only add-on I used.

I can provide additional information if that will help solve the glitch.


  • allenhunterallenhunter Posts: 2Member
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  • AktanAktan Posts: 8Member
    I would say it's your audio drivers, nothing to do with CC. Check to see if there are updates to your audio drivers.
  • cookielover92cookielover92 Posts: 2Member
    use chrome
  • TetragoniaTetragonia Posts: 1Member
    I'm having the same problem under the same conditions. I'm also using firefox (57.0.2 (64-bit)) and I used the CookieMonster add-on. Whenever I manually bake cookies (click frenzy) my audio gets knocked out after one to twenty seconds. I spam clicked outside CookieClicker (version 2.0042) but this never resulted in audio issues. Also, my drivers are up to date.
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