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God of Magic

MorpheusMorpheus Member Posts: 4
What it sounds on the tin. A pantheon god that buffs magic.

Name: Merlin(or something else)
Diamond: magic regenerates twice as fast, spells base backfire rate increased to 30%
Ruby: magic regenerates 1.5 times as fast, spells backfire 25%
Jade: magic regenerates 1.3 times as fast, spells backfire 20%

what do you think? a good way to integrate the mini games somewhat, pointless, or something else?


  • MorpheusMorpheus Member Posts: 4
    Another, related idea:
    New spell:

    Speed Worship:
    Magic Cost: 10 + 50% of max
    Effect: Instantly gain one worship swap
    Backfire: Unsocket a random god, or if no gods are socketed, loose one worship swap
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