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Clues, a murder mystery.

ManiklasManiklas Posts: 2,846Member ✭✭✭
edited November 2017 in Playground
"Please, please. Don't get upset, we could solve this. We already know that the hoodlum who did this is one of us, so as long as noone leaves the building we could settle this! And if anyone escapes, then we already know who is the murderer. Understood?"

The crowd babbled and nodded, of course they aren't gonna lose their minds about this. Sure there's a corpse in the basement and someone has killed another, but everyone knew Mr Blue is a police veteran, we could keep calm.

This game is basicly advanced cluedo.

Your goal is to find out where the murder happened, what weapon/how the victim was killed, who did it and what motive/goal did/does he or she have?
This game includes some racism and obviously murder

You'll get to pick one of 15 roles, only six roles each game though. One of you is a murderer and has been forewarned and told about their function and goal. One of the 9 unpicked roles has been picked as murdered.

The 15 roles are as follows;
0==[name] - [job] - [color] - [family (secondary family)] - [gender]
1==Officer blue - police veteran - red - Scheele - M
2==Miss pink - singer - blue - Freidenfelt - F
3==Ms blue - shop owner - red - Scheele (Gyllenpistol) - F
4==Mr purple - Gunsmith - red - Gyllenpistol - M
5==Purpur - beggar - red - None (formerly Gyllenpistol) - F
6==Senator pink - politician - blue - Freidenfelt - M
7==Yellow Flowers - artist - blue - Scheele - F
8==Miss Flowers - student - blue - Scheele (Gyllenpistol) - F
9==Kitchenmaster green - chef - blue - Freidenfelt - M
10==Green Junior - student - red - Freidenfelt (Gyllenpistol) - M
11==Ms Green - teacher -red - Freidenfelt(Gyllenpistol) - F
12==Miss Red - teacher - red - Gyllenpistol - F
13==Headmaster grey - headmaster - blue - Scheele - M
14==Elder grey - none - blue - Scheele - M
15==Elder purple - none - red - Gyllenpistol - M

The weapons are here;
0==[name] - [possible methods] - (ritualiscism)
1==Revolver - shot, hit in the head, multiple shots
2==Kitchen knife - stabbed, thrown, multiple stabs - cannibalism
3==Ritual knife - stabbed, thrown, multiple stabs - occult
4==Heavy cross - blunt - religious
5==Statue - blunt, stabbed
6==Pipe - blunt, impaled

These are the rooms (possible murder rooms marked with a [])
0==[name] - []/X - connected rooms
1==kitchen - [] - ballroom, dining area
2==ballroom - X - kitchen, basement, foyer, dining area, cinema
3==basement - X - ballroom, prison
4==temple - [] - secret passage
5==secret passage - X - temple, dining area
6==foyer - [] - ballroom, temple
7==dining area - [] - secret passage, kitchen, ballroom
8==prison - [] - basement
9==cinema - X - ballroom

So let's get started! Pick a role, when we've got 6 players we'll start.

5 players left
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