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[BUG] Ascended then no visible cookie

I had just gotten the second kitten and 1 spaceship...decided to try Legacy.

I got Legacy then reincarnated. When it restarted the giant cookie to click on wasn't there. But I could still click on the area and it would count. THere was just no visible cookie.


  • CrimsonFoxCrimsonFox Posts: 16Member ✭✭
    update: when i ascended and reincarnated it gave me the DUNK the COokie achievement even tho i did not change the size of the font/screen.

    When I realized this now I did CNTL-wheel on mouse to change the font size and the cookie appeared again and now it's there. It was just on that ascension...which I think I didn't receive anything for at all anyway as I only had made 40 bill cookies.
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