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Animal Kingdom (Evolution Forum Game)

BrainstormBrainstorm Posts: 11,223Member ✭✭✭✭✭
Alright, so I’ve been very busy lately, I may not have had many time for the forums, but hey, here’s a simple forum game
Basically, you will choose any animal (not taken, of course), you will be the king of that species as a whole, and of course, this is a world without humans so you animals have space to evolve, grow, and fill the place of the humans by killing each other and eating other animals and... uh... flying?

Your species will start with a number of that species given the species you chose, for example, if you choose a chimpanzee, you’d start with 12 for example, a lion would be 2, 28 for a species of spider... etc...

You will start with a set level of intelligence, 1, when you interact with the biome you are in and with nature as a whole, you will gain intelligence and experiences of course, your goal is to grow more, become a lot, evolve to the maximum level to move on to the other world

Don’t expect me to post much on this, though, it may get to the point that I only do it on weekends.


Oh right, to apply, choose your animal and maybe some description, your king name (which is your name, but as a king), what your way of rule is (King, Emperor, Chief, etc..), and... that’s it

You may begin
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