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Offline Cookie Making

CookieBro2112CookieBro2112 Member Posts: 2
Heh, Cookie Clicker fans the creator of cookie clicker should add offline cookie production and make things a little more expensive to make things even.


  • ViniVini Member Posts: 3,579 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Once you get a little further into the game you'll see that offline production is already implemented.
    And things are expensive enough already, trust me.

  • Hukka55Hukka55 Member Posts: 5
    Making things more expensive to make things more even?
    Even between who? :)

    If someone has started this game before you, you will not catch them, unless they quit and you play at least as long - or sit all the time at the computer, clicking those goldens. :)
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