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Selling on Mac: Ctrl-click instead brings up right-click menu

Since Macs have traditionally (though not recently) only had one mouse button, control-clicking things on a Mac has the same effect as right clicking. This is problematic in Idle Game Maker (or at least in Bunny Clicker), since you need to control-click to sell.

However, due to another bug, there is a workaround. Control clicking on the item will bring up the right click menu, but upon dismissing the menu it's still "stuck" in sell mode until you hit control again. So you can control click, click off the menu, and then start regular clicking to sell.

An explicit "sell" button ala Cookie Clicker would solve this issue. Alternatively, using a different modifier key on Mac (a good candidate would be the "alt/option key" to sell would also fix this issue.


  • MathCookieMathCookie Posts: 286Member ✭✭
    Don’t sell things. Selling is riddled with glitches.
  • idcidc Posts: 139Member ✭✭✭
    edited November 2017
    This can be done with a script. Not ideal but it solves it for now.
    eval("G.Logic=" +G.Logic.toString().replace("if (G.keys[17])","if (G.keys[18])"))

    It seems to not work for me very well with alt though. Changing the 18 to 90 (z) works better so,
    eval("G.Logic=" +G.Logic.toString().replace("if (G.keys[17])","if (G.keys[90])"))

    Idk if it is possible to stop the right click menu coming up on a mac since I've never used one.

    That does it for windows PCs at least.
    BEETLE there is! While the ROOMS here not!
  • purpleaarowpurpleaarow Posts: 4Member

    Don’t sell things. Selling is riddled with glitches.

    Fair enough for now, but I feel this is still worth reporting so that it's identified as something worth fixing once selling is fixed.
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