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Layout in the new IGM

Solar's WrathSolar's Wrath Member Posts: 98 ✭✭
edited October 2017 in Developer's Lounge
I wanted to know how to put the boxes next to each other instead of one over the other using the Layout system without using CSS.

I CSS kinda gives me a headache really. I just want to put my Boxes vertically instead of the default Horizontal.

I would really need general help about the layouts because the default one, BigBlue, is good but I need the resources on the left and listing down instead of next to each other with the Buttons in the middle. Just loading the BigBlue one in my own Pate Bin put all the text to the left instead of centered and no matter how much I try to make a section on the left it just doesn't work. I just want a section on the left with a scroll bar to put Resources in.
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