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[Cookie Clicker] SUGGESTION: More Mini-Games

Jacky_MNJacky_MN Member Posts: 2
"Hello, this is my first thing ever posting this little tasty thread, so I may have some issues for the first time posting this thread to understand more stuffs to explore. I will be grinding some ideas forward the game of Cookie Clicker's generations. Please, enjoy yourself to sorts of my ideas. -- Until next time, keep clicking for more cookies, cookie clickers."

Alchemist Labs Building | Mini-Games
MECHANICS #1: "Alchemist's test tubes gradually flow the formula of all exclusive cookies' liquid; giving unexplainabe experiences to let your Cookie Clicker's beautiful and dreadful experiments come true. Explore new formulas, upgrade to get newfound knowledges from unknown test tubes and others to explore!"
MECHANICS #2: "Newfound knowledges aren't just being tested or either found, they will require a contacted power to link towards another biological species. Every formula test tube has two categorized types: successful rate and failure rate. Formula's rates will be upped for another +10% successful rate each 10 minutes, after you reached at 100% success rate, you can fully upgrade the formula you wanted from your hard earned sugar lumps! However, if it is not 100% success rate and causing it have the failure rate -- it will fall down back to 0% if you made the wrong choice of decision."
MECHANICS #3: "Every formula test tubes require more levels to be unlocked from your sugar lumps, containing more newer test tube experiments."
MECHANICS #4: "Give me some ideas about when it comes to the names, like special meanings to its abilities. Having any thoughts? Please let me know about it - always appreciate a suggested idea."

Mines Building | Mini-Games
MECHANICS #1: "I have no resourceful thoughts about this mini-game, only have been thinking that this only applies towards to your clicking base and costs with sugar lumps."
MECHANICS #2: "If you have any great thoughts about this one to implement another mini-game, let me know what you think - always appreciate a suggested idea."


  • ¤RunninginReverse¤¤RunninginReverse¤ Member, Friendly Posts: 15,829 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Mini-games for all the buildings have already been planned.
    SL_ND_R: __RS_S__N__
  • Jacky_MNJacky_MN Member Posts: 2
    Thanks, I would appreciate that in the next update generation will have more mini-games to another level.
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