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BUG: IGM-Handbook not updated regarding 'author'/'by'

Timm638Timm638 Posts: 96Member ✭✭
in the IGM-Guide it's saying that you have to enter 'author' to add your name, but this tag has been replaced by 'by'.
Would it be possible to update the guide to replace 'author' to 'by'?


  • VitwkFerreiraVitwkFerreira Posts: 2Member
    Yeah, I was also confused by this. I only saw that the tag was "by" and not "author" when I looked at the code of another game to see what was wrong with mine.
  • hoglahoohoglahoo Posts: 20Member ✭✭
    edited November 2017
    I noticed this as well - couldn't understand at first why my game wasn't working
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