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I keep Reading the New handbook of the New IGM Update, But Im Confused and Its All Confusing

EricBolton1993EricBolton1993 Posts: 462Member ✭✭✭
edited October 2017 in Developer's Lounge
It seams a lot different than the older version, altho I do love it, I just dont understand what orteil is trying to teach me, commands induced

Edit: I have no idea what I'm doing :

theres my paste bin and can u help?
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  • CindrogronnCindrogronn Posts: 4Member
    Hello Eric. I just started playing around with IGM some hours ago, but I am seeing several mistakes in your pastebin.

    Probably want to declare your Resources first, after the initial setup.
    You have declared a resource called "GrandmaPowers" when you want to use this resource, you should use "GrandmaPowers" without the quotation marks. Your button says to yield 1 "Grandma Click" which should only be one word, and your resource that is called "GrandmaPowers", I am guessing? Your building says yeald, instead of yield. Remember, spelling is important. :)

    Also, did you try out your game? You should be able to see what went wrong when there's errors. Hope this helped. :)
  • EricBolton1993EricBolton1993 Posts: 462Member ✭✭✭
    @Cindrogronn thank you and ill fix those mistakes, Also, I made several big games before, but for some reason this new codding update has got me, maybe I'm just over thinking :)
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