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Golden Cookie Effects

I think golden cookies need more creative possible effects. Here are a few i thought of:

Market Crash. Makes buildings 15% cheaper for 60 seconds.

Deflation. Makes upgrades 15% cheaper for 60 seconds

And/Or a whole set of 15% cheaper things for each building. For instance,

Giving Grannies. Makes Grandmas and Grandma upgrades 15% cheaper for 60 seconds.
Something like that. More ideas:

Click Boost. Each click boosts your CpS by 1% for 120 seconds. Boost is removed when it ends

Click Build. Each click within 1/10nth of a second from the last earns 5% extra cookies, this will build as long as you hold the streak. Extra cookies per click removed when effect ends.

Fools Gold. Does nothing.

Heavenly Luck. Lucky!, except gives heavenly chips instead of cookies. (The opposite could work for wrath cookies)

Loading. . . Your cursor is a loading bar for 1 hour, you can't click anything.

Now no one will believe me! Gives you the cheated cookies taste awful achievement. (For wrath cookies)

Also you could have some that unlock cookie upgrades

Auto Clicker. Auto clicks the big cookie 7 times a second for 77 seconds.

Empire. +1% CpS permanantly (Opposite could work for wrath cookies)

Those are all my ideas. Thanks for reading.



  • Lava_EntityLava_Entity Posts: 2,398Member ✭✭✭
    Half of these ideas are already implemented via the Grimoiry.
    cease your tomfoolery

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