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Attributes getting displayed?

DrCarterDrCarter Posts: 4Member
I have an NPC generator with a class generation section similar to this:
alchemist {inv:[items]}{cloth:[clothing]}
[melon|pig|sheep|wheat|apple] farmer {inv:[items]}{cloth:[clothing]}
[city|town|carriage|castle] guard {inv:[meleeinv]}{cloth:[clothing]}

But every time I run it, the section that generates the class, ie the stuff I pasted, also generates the attributes like:
"alchemist {inv:(several dozen items from the inventory section)}{cloth:leather jacket}"
After I added another attribute to the classes and deleted it later, this started. Needless to say, it's pretty annoying, especially considering that I didn't do anything major.


  • DrCarterDrCarter Posts: 4Member
    Update: I fixed this. Must've been a bug, because I just had to erase and rewrite the attributes back in exactly the same. Hm.
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