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Buildings not selling back for indicated amount

dparejadpareja Member Posts: 460 ✭✭✭
edited October 2017 in Bug Reports
I'm currently on the Spontaneous Edifice plan (get to 400 Chancemakers and more than 400 of each other building, repeatedly sell the 400th Chancemaker and cast SE to get it back, with the auras on Krumblor being Radiant Appetite and Earth Shatterer), but I've noticed a discrepancy.

The listed sell price of the 400th Chancemaker is about 35.1 duodecillion. However, when I sell it, I get about 40 duodecillion cookies added to my bank, which is about the purchase price of that 400th Chancemaker (41.3 duodecillion).

EDIT: What I'm pretty sure is going on is that it's calculating the amount it actually gives back based on the price of the next building, and so when you have Earth Shatterer, you don't get 85% of the cost of the sold building back, you get 1.15*0.85 = 0.9775 of the cost back.

Which has been true since v. 1.x, to be fair, when you'd get back 1.15*0.5 = 0.575 of the cost.

This is also why getting Summon Crafty Pixies to backfire before selling can potentially increase your cookies beyond your bank, because that causes 0.99705 of the buy price to be given back when sold, so if you'd had discounts on some of your purchases (say from Summon Crafty Pixies, Fierce Hoarder or Everything Must Go), you could well end up in that scenario.
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