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How to use the "+list" feature?

DrCarterDrCarter Posts: 4Member
edited October 2017 in General Discussion
I've gotten familiar with most of the features of RandomGen, I just can't seem to figure out how to use the + thingy. It's sort of a mix of not knowing where to put it and how to use it. If the answer is really obvious, shame on me, I guess. I could just really use an example of how to use it.
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  • erdbeereerdbeere Posts: 3,384Member, Helpful ✭✭✭✭✭
    Let's say you have a text file with lists that you use in different generators. You can include that with "$include url" where "url" is the URL of that text file. But if you want some elements in that list for one generator and not for another, you can add them in that generator.
    Let's take "$names" as an example list in that text file. If you have included that text file in your generator, you can now add other elements to that list. For example:
    $+names Josh Catherine
    For that generator "$names" now includes the names in "$names" as defined in the text file and also "Josh" and "Catherine".
  • DrCarterDrCarter Posts: 4Member
    Oooh, alright, thanks a lot!
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