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Crafty pixies and heavenly chips interaction

nopenopisnopenopis Member Posts: 8
I casted crafty pixels until it backfired and then sold all my buildings to get more money but before buying the chocolate egg i noticed that my prestige level had rised a lot. Is that supposed to happen?
(sorry for my english)


  • dparejadpareja Member Posts: 460 ✭✭✭
    Yes. If your cookies in bank would exceed your cookies baked for the whole ascension, the latter rises to match the former, with corresponding increases in prestige.

    You can do this, for instance, by repeatedly casting Spontaneous Edifice for a 400th Chancemaker and selling it just before casting SE again. Eventually you'll make up the gap of what you had to spend to get there (following what I think the ideal distribution is at 400 CMs, it's a little over 1 tredecillion cookies) and then each time you sell a Chancemaker after that you'll gain prestige. (My prestige generally goes up about 35-40 million for each.)
  • nopenopisnopenopis Member Posts: 8
    oooooh. Interesting.
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