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Suddenly lost my overall spell count (& a couple of heavenly cookies)

chemochemo Posts: 7Member
Not sure what's up, when I opened my game up today my spell count which was in the 600s, and my current run spell count have been cleared, I've only got the four spells I've cast in the last hour or so there. Also two yet to be spent chips are gone too. I still have the achievement for 99 casts... Anyone had anything similar?


  • chemochemo Posts: 7Member
    Oh and doing the math those couple of lost unused chips have also been lost from my overall count.
  • chemochemo Posts: 7Member
    This happened again this morning. It appears to happen after the game has a hard time loading up first time for whatever reason. At least now I've started saving to file every time I quit the game so I avoided too much pain, but is anyone else copping this sort of thing?
  • CynidealistCynidealist Posts: 2Member
    I've noticed the same thing. I've no clue how to replicate it
  • JakeglurpJakeglurp Posts: 3Member
    Just happened for me the second time, I didn't notice on opening the game. My connection is pretty bad here, so my first time loading the page only partially loaded the interface, that might have done it?

    Getting 999 spells is one of my last achievements, and 800 just got wiped, I had somewhere around 100-300 the first time

    Pantheon got cleared, too
  • dparejadpareja Posts: 460Member ✭✭✭
    This happened to me. My Pantheon was cleared and my spell count reset to 0.

    Thankfully I already had the 999 spells achievement, and I'm just idling, so resetting the Pantheon in one go doesn't bother me.
  • ClarpearClarpear Posts: 1Member
    This happened to me today! I had about 700 spells casted, working my way to 999, and today when I opened the game I was reset back down to zero.
    I also had a bad connection when I tried opening the game, that's probably what did it.
  • SekhmetSekhmet Posts: 172Member ✭✭
    Had the same problem recently (don't know exactly when). It was on the beta, not on the live version, but still.
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