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ManiklasManiklas Posts: 2,877Member ✭✭✭
in this forum game you are supposed to find a picture on the internet related to the previous sentence, then make up another sentence related to the picture. You are allowed to draw your own picture, but then you have to do it with paper and pencil.
For example player 1 says: "Pigs flying to space wielding unicorns"
player 2 answers: [picture with a pig in spacesuit with a horn] "Space unicorn pig"
player 3: [space unicorn with a pig and cow with a barn in the background] "space farm"

And so on so forth.

If you really try hard but can't find a picture of something, say pass and instead chose a new sentence.
And try to not make any unfindable or too specific sentences, and nothing too NSFW.
(notice I said "too")

I'll begin:
"bread dancing with llamas"


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