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Are these logical?

ChickenChronicles49ChickenChronicles49 Posts: 44Member ✭✭
I got bored one day and started doing my "hypothetical game designing", which is where I draft ideas for video games that I think are cool, but I can't make them because of my lack of game designing software and little experience in game developing. I started making up this game similar to Pokémon, but there are more elements (43, excluding Normal type).

First, I'll explain each of them, and what they are in my game.
Normal: Not really an element but a lack thereof.
Fire: Same as in Pokémon.
Air: Relates to air and air flow.
Earth: Relates to stone, soil, and any other natural ground.
Water: Same as in Pokémon.
Plant: Relates to plants and plant material, like vines and grass.
Light: Relates to light energy and bright things.
Dark: Relates to the absence of light, darkness.
Electric: Relates to electrical energy and electricity.
Ghost: Almost the same as in Pokémon, except no correlation with Normal.
Poison: Same as in Pokémon.
Ice: Relates to snow and ice.
Atomic: Represents atoms and atomic properties.
Space: Gelatinous aliens from outer space.
Magic: Magical things, similar to Fairy in Pokémon.
Heart: Relates to love, peace, and health.
Chaos: Relates to terror and evil.
Plasma: Relates to the plasma state of matter.
Gravity: Relates to the force of gravity.
Megastone: Fictional stone I made up, is more durable and stronger than regular stone.
Drain: Relates to the draining of vital liquids.
Superbright: Light that is brighter and stronger than normal light.
Psych: Same as psychic in Pokémon.
Crash: Relates to a very large discharge of electricity.
Spirit: Stronger form of ghost.
Death: Relates to death.
Freezeover: Relates to the spread of strong ice that cannot be melted or broken easily.
Hyperphysical: Relates to matter that can change shape, mass and volume at will.
Dimensional: Strong beings from another dimension.
Creation: Relates to the creation of things.
Life: Relates to living things.
Final: Relates to the apocalypse and end of all things.
Lava: Relates to lava and magma.
Weather: Relates to precipitation and storms.
Shadow: Evil beings made of darkness.
Nevermatter: Relates to matter that should not exist unless magic is involved.
Cold: Relates to cold temperatures.
Radiation: Relates to radioactivity and electromagnetic waves.
Myth: Powerful ancient spirits from another place and time.
Collapse: Relates to the psychological destruction of one's mind.
Immortal: Beings with almost infinite life (not literally, though, or they obviously couldn't be defeated).
Figment: Imaginary, unreal beings.
Destruction: Relates to the destruction of everything in the universe.
Truth: Relates to infinite knowledge of everything.

Normal-Chaos are all basic elements. Plasma-Final are stronger super elements. Lava-Figment are mutant elements, which are mixtures of 2 elements. Lava is Fire+Earth, Weather is Air+Water, Shadow is Dark+Ghost, Nevermatter is Atomic+Magic, Cold is Ice+Air, Radiation is Light+Poison, Myth is Spirit+Dimensional, Collapse is Gravity+Psych, Immortal is Megastone+Life, and Figment is Psych+Spirit. Destruction and Truth are very powerful mutant elements. Destruction is Death+Final, and Truth is Death+Life.

Here are the strengths and weaknesses I decided for them all. This is where I'm looking for input. Do you think these are logical for each element or do I need to change some? Note: All elements, including Normal, are weak against Truth and Destruction, but Truth and Destruction are strong against each other.
Normal: No strengths/weaknesses besides Truth and Dest.
Fire: S: Drain, Ice, Plant and Cold, W: Water and Weather.
Air: S: Radiation and Lava.
Earth: S: Electric, Space and Psych, W: Water, Plant, Ice, Space, Plasma and Freezeover.
Water: S: Fire, Earth and Lava, W: Plant, Electric, Poison, Ice, Drain, Crash and Freezeover.
Plant: S: Earth, Water, Weather, Radiation and Light, W: Poison, Ice, Fire, Plasma, Drain, Freezeover, Lava, Cold and Dark.
Light: S: Dark, Ghost and Shadow, W: Plant and Dark.
Dark: S: Light, Plant and Psych, W: Light, Superbright and Crash.
Electric: S: Water, Drain, Atomic and Weather, W: Earth and Plasma.
Ghost: S: Atomic, Heart and Psych, W: Light, Magic, Superbright, Crash and Immortal.
Poison: S: Water, Plant, Heart, Drain and Life, W: Heart and Immortal.
Ice: S: Earth, Water and Plant, W: Fire, Plasma, Megastone, Drain and Lava.
Atomic: S: Magic and Figment, W: Electric, Ghost, Plasma, Crash, Freezeover and Gravity.
Space: S: Earth and Psych, W: Earth, Gravity, Drain, Radiation and Freezeover.
Magic: S: Ghost, Spirit and Immortal, W: Atomic and Shadow.
Heart: S: Poison, W: Poison, Ghost, Chaos, Psych, Death and Shadow.
Chaos: S: Heart, Psych and Creation, W: Collapse.
Plasma: S: Earth, Plant, Ice, Atomic, Drain, Freezeover and Electric, W: Cold.
Gravity: S: Space and Atomic, W: Hyperphysical.
Megastone: S: Ice and Crash, W: Nevermatter and Myth.
Drain: S: Water, Plant, Ice, Space, Life and Weather, W: Fire, Electric, Poison, Plasma and Lava.
Superbright: S: Dark, Ghost, Life, Shadow and Crash, W: Crash.
Psych: S: Heart, Spirit, Life, Immortal and Figment, W: Earth, Dark, Ghost, Space, Death, Dimensional, Shadow and Myth.
Crash: S: Water, Dark, Ghost, Atomic, Superbright, Weather and Shadow, W: Megastone and Superbright.
Spirit: S: Death and Shadow, W: Magic, Psych and Immortal.
Death: S: Heart, Psych and Life, W: Spirit, Life and Immortal.
Freezeover: S: Earth, Water, Plant, Atomic and Space, W: Plasma and Lava.
Hyperphysical: S: Gravity and Nevermatter, W: Nevermatter.
Dimensional: S: Psych and Collapse, W: Final.
Creation: W: Chaos and Final.
Life: S: Death and Figment, W: Poison, Drain, Superbright, Psych, Death and Final.
Final: S: Dimensional, Creation and Life, W: Myth and Immortal.
Lava: S: Plant, Ice, Drain and Freezeover, W: Air, Water and Weather.
Weather: S: Fire and Lava, W: Plant, Electric, Drain, Crash and Radiation.
Shadow: S: Magic, Heart, Psych and Collapse, W: Light, Superbright, Crash, Spirit and Radiation.
Nevermatter: S: Megastone, Hyperphysical and Figment, W: Hyperphysical.
Cold: S: Plant and Plasma, W: Fire.
Radiation: S: Space, Weather and Shadow, W: Air and Plant.
Myth: S: Megastone, Psych, Final, Immortal and Collapse.
Collapse: S: Chaos and Immortal, W: Dimensional, Shadow, Myth and Figment.
Immortal: S: Ghost, Poison, Spirit, Death and Final, W: Magic, Psych, Myth and Collapse.
Figment: S: Collapse, W: Atomic, Psych, Nevermatter and Life.

You may have noticed that some are strong against each other. I call these "elemental enemies". The pairs of elemental enemies are: Earth and Space, Light and Dark, Poison and Heart, Superbright and Crash, Life and Death, Hyperphysical and Nevermatter, and Truth and Destruction.

If any part of this doesn't make sense, notify me and I'll explain why it's like that or maybe even change things. Thanks!


  • ManiklasManiklas Posts: 2,851Member ✭✭✭
    edited October 2017
    Sounds more like status effects than types.
    Some seem a little off, still good.

    One interesting thing with pokemon is they succeed to include multiple aspects in one element, like light in fire
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  • OKeDOKeOKeDOKe Posts: 11Member ✭✭
    I think that light should be one of the most powerful elements and if you can control it you control darkness since it is the absence of light, and if you control Superbright you can control Lightbleach, which is super powerful darkness.
  • Lava_EntityLava_Entity Posts: 2,398Member ✭✭✭
    Pure and simple.
    cease your tomfoolery

  • ChickenChronicles49ChickenChronicles49 Posts: 44Member ✭✭
    Thanks for the input, guys. I just realized, however, that I forgot to make the super form of the plant element, so I created it as the "spines" element, as in plant thorns. Also, I've still been working on ideas for this. As of now (Nov. 14), I'm working on upgrades for the techniques the fighters have. There are 83 techniques total.
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