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Alterations to synergies

dparejadpareja Member Posts: 453 ✭✭✭
So right now the synergies are a bit unbalanced: Mines and Antimatter condensers have 5 each, while Chancemakers have only 2.

I would suggest shifting one of the Mine and Antimatter condenser synergies to be with Chancemakers in order to rebalance this.

In particular:

Shipments. Mines and Shipments have a weird double-synergy. I would change Fossil fuels to be a synergy with Chancemakers, possibly flavoured around luckily finding shorter transit routes. Further, I think it would rebalance Shipments, as they currently contribute an oddly small amount to overall production, third-lowest ahead only of Grandmas and Farms.

Alchemy labs. I would change the synergy between Alchemy labs and Antimatter condensers to be between Alchemy labs and Chancemakers. However, this synergy is a condenser-based synergy (based on the icon), not a lab-based one. So other synergies must be shifted around to do this. The simplest is to change Charm quarks to be a condenser-based synergy, replacing Chemical proficiency as condensers' Volume II synergy, and make Chancemakers' Volume II synergy to be one with Alchemy labs, flavoured around random quantum fluctuations causing alpha and beta decay to turn lead into (highly radioactive and unstable) gold. This would, however, I think slightly reduce Alchemy labs' production, because you generally have fewer Chancemakers than Antimatter condensers.

That would give each building four synergies, and further get rid of that weird double synergy between Mines and Shipments. After this, Mines would have synergies with Wizard towers, Shipments (single), Alchemy labs, and Chancemakers. Shipments would have synergies with Mines (single), Factories, Time machines, and Chancemakers. Alchemy labs would have synergies with Mines, Banks, Wizard towers, and Chancemakers. Antimatter condensers would have synergies with Factories, Banks, Temples, and Chancemakers. Chancemakers would have synergies with Mines, Shipments, Alchemy labs, and Antimatter condensers.
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