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When do you get mini games?

koalafergkoalaferg Member Posts: 7
How and when do you get mini games and what do they do?


  • dparejadpareja Member Posts: 455 ✭✭✭
    Once you ascend, you'll start growing sugar lumps.

    If you spend a sugar lump to level up a building (go to the main screen, not any of the tabs at the top) that has an attached minigame (currently only Temples and Wizard towers), you'll unlock that minigame.

    The minigames give you various boosts. The Temple has the Pantheon, which allows you to put in various "spirits" that affect gameplay in some way. The Wizard tower has the Grimoire, which allows you to cast spells for what are usually beneficial effects.

    The number of Temples does not affect the Pantheon; as long as you have one Temple, you can access it. (I believe its effects persist even if you sell all your Temples, but you can't change them if you have no Temples.) The level of the Temples also does not affect the Pantheon.

    Both the number and level of your Wizard towers affects the Grimoire. Casting spells costs magic, and the amount of magic you have depends on how many Wizard towers you have and on their level. The dependence on the number of Wizard towers is pretty strong; the dependence on their level is, unless you have very few Wizard towers, negligible.
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