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Obscure PC game

ChickenChronicles49ChickenChronicles49 Posts: 44Member ✭✭
I once saw a video of, and then subsequently played, a very odd PC game on my browser (I use Edge, for some reason). I took a liking to this game because of how strange and random it was, but now, I have not the faintest idea on what the title of this game was. I'll try to describe it to see if anyone knows what I'm talking about.

You used the arrow keys to move. There were 10 levels, but you had to complete the last level in a certain way or it would make you start over. The game's visuals were probably the strangest aspect of the game. Everything was either scribbly and drawn over a white background or made of text. Your player was a small black scribble shaped like a hurricane, and it moved with normal platforming movement and gravity. Every time you died, a sound clip of a guy saying "come on and meet your maker" played, and the level restarted. What I particularly remember, though, is the ending.

Provided that you completed level 10 correctly, you would be taken to a final room of the game with the ending. In this room, you are allowed to watch a video. This video was very weird. It was about a man, presumably the creator of the game, who was in his house talking about "the story of life". It began with him filming 5 potatoes on his floor, and he tried to light 2 of them on fire but it didn't work. Then he moved to "the 2 angry mechanical monkeys" and said that they would always try to hump each other. I forgot most of what happens after this, but I think there are glasses of milk and orange juice that he says represent buildings. At the end, there are many capsules, and he puts one of them in his freezer, and the video ends there.

I found out about the game by watching a youtuber play it, but I forgot who it was. It might have been Vinesauce Vinny, or some other streamer. After I played it, I also found out that the guy who made the game also made several other experiments and projects, so I looked at some of them. I think the game I played was supposed to be symbolic of life and have deep meaning, as it seemed to have certain themes about life in it. Unfortunately, I can't play it again or any of his other works, until I rediscover the name of the game or the name of the creator. Does anyone know?


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