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1v1 Gladitory Arena (FARP)

Frank_3everestFrank_3everest Member Posts: 1,519 ✭✭✭
edited September 2017 in Playground
This Forum-Action-Roleplay (FARP) is going to be a 1v1 game (surprise surprise).

In your first comment, build your set, then "1v1" the commenter above you. Despite the seemingly long and complicated set of rules and directions, it's basically just rock paper scissors.

In order to build your set, choose one of the three weapons, armor sets, and abilities. If your thing beats the commenter above's thing, you get +1 for the battle. If it loses, it is -1 for the battle. Add up your score real' quick, and you get your battle outcome:
Positive: +1 Win (or three wins [Super Luck] or minus one [Sore Loser]) wins
Negative: -1 Win ( or +1 [Sore Loser])
Neutral: +0 Wins (You get nothing. :D)

CHOOSE CAREFULLY, YOU CAN'T CHANGE YOUR SET. I will say what they do below:

Sword: Can cut through Nets, but is easily broken by Iron Clubs. (Beats Net)
Iron Club: Gets caught in Nets, but breaks Swords (Beats Sword)
Net: Can be cut by Swords, but captures Iron Clubs. (Beats Sword)

Heavy: Slows your character, but very protective. (Beats Light)
Light: Not too cumbersome, but restricts some movement. (Beats None)
None: Being able to outmaneuver Heavy armor is good and all, but Light armor has a slight edge. (Beats Heavy)

NOTE: Abilities effect your weapons, armor, and wins only when stated.

Quick Heal: Self-Explanatory (Breaks ties in Armor when defending)
Muscle Up: Also Self-Explanatory (Breaks ties in Weapons when attacking)
Sore Loser: You hate losing, but lose all the time? Cool. When you lose, you win. (Win only when losing.)
Super Luck: (Every attack win counts as three, but you lose all ties while attacking.)

1v1 Example:
Commenter 1:
My set is Sword, None, and quick heal.

Commenter 2:
My Iron Club beats your Sword. (+1), but my None armor loses to your None armor (-1).
My total is zero, so the game is a draw.

Top Winners:

My Set: Net, Light, Quick Heal

Next guy challenges me to a 1v1.
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