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Is Diabetica Daemonicus intentionally bad*?

DyliusDylius Member Posts: 1
edited September 2017 in General Discussion
So I just ascended and noticed this upgrade only lowers the maturity time of sugar lumps by one hour, not the corresponding ripening/auto-harvesting time like the Stevia Caelestis upgrade. As it's always worth waiting the extra time for the lumps to mature (*unless you save scum), why is this upgrade designed like this? Is it more of a badge of honour? Or are we expected to "cheat"?


  • dparejadpareja Member Posts: 453 ✭✭✭
    Well, it does get you to the next one, which makes bifurcated lumps a little more likely.
  • jan_bakerjan_baker Member Posts: 4
    Personally, I don't think save scum is actually... scumming. I look at it as a feature. In the end, you need to be there at that precise specific time to benefit from it, and you need to perform some actions that drain time. I look also at the most abusing use of it: Force the hand of fate. Yep, you can use it to load the GC you want in the spell, but it requests a lot of time... if you're simply clicking cookies while doing something else, you can't just do it.
    So, who may know, could be this upgrade be a proof that save-scumming not a scumming? :D
  • dparejadpareja Member Posts: 453 ✭✭✭
    edited September 2017
    Eh, I scum FtHoF while doing other things. What I do is check the Force GC result; if it's one I want, I wait to use it until it's good (basically, if it's Click Frenzy, I wait for a Frenzy/Building boost stack or better--this is one reason not to put Dragonflight on Krumblor if you play actively, because, I believe, you can't get Dragonflight off Force, and if you have Dragonflight set, you can't get Click Frenzy from Force), and otherwise I refresh and cast my cheapest spell (other than Gambler's Fever Dream obviously). That cycles things forward so that Force's outcome will be different next time.

    So my recharge time is generally pretty low, except when I've just cast Force to huge effect... at which point I don't care so much about how long it takes to recharge.

    EDIT: I'm mainly doing things this way now because I'm pretty close to 999 spells cast. Otherwise I'd just be using Force the Hand of Fate.
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