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The Dashnet Army

NickCydenNickCyden Posts: 375Member ✭✭
edited September 2017 in Playground
Friends! Brothers! We are joined here today, in a time of need! A time of war! We must create the strongest army, and take down all who oppose us! Who's with me?!

In this game, you start off with a simple LVL 1 Castle and Barraks, along with 100 Army Points. Your goal, is to create as strong of an army as you can, as a community. Army strength is calculated in AP(Army Points) During each turn, you can do one of multiple things.

1. Build a new building (Will take a set number of actions depending on what it is. You may work on the building to decrease the ammount needed, or just do something else and halt progress on the building for a little while. You also don't have to work on just your buildings. You only need to set it into motion, after that, everyone can help)
2. Upgrade a building (Same thing as Building)
3. Train troops (Genaric and special)
4. Explore areas and collect resources
5. Declair war on opposing kingdoms

The current opposing kingdoms are
Cookie Kingdom: 1,000 AP
Mobile Kingdom: 15,000 AP
Gem Kingdom: 35,000 AP
Un-Openable Kingdom: 100,000 AP

oh, and one last thig. Please keep everything thematically appropriate. No Anti-matter bomb factories or whatever (I'm looking at you @Lava_Entity )
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