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Bank Mini-game Ideas

blank3tm0nst3rblank3tm0nst3r Posts: 109Member ✭✭
So I've had a few mini-game ideas that I think would work well with Banks. To implement them all would likely be too much for a single building's mini-game, but I think they have potential.


This mini-game would allow you to invest into some other aspect of the game by using flat cookie amounts, percentage of CpS, or sugar lumps. The more banks you have or higher bank level, the more powerful your investments can be. Investments can affect buildings in one or more of the following ways:
  • Increase likelihood of that building's GC boost.
  • Increasing the percentage boost of that building's GC boost (+20% CpS/building instead of +10%CpS/building, for example).
  • Increase that building's CpS based on number of banks, like a one-way synergy.
  • Raise/Lower building buy/sell amount based on production boost/rust multiplier to simulate a stock market (buy low, sell high).
These can cater to both passive and active playstyles if more than one option is used.


Taking out a loan with the bank would allow you to get an upfront amount of cookies added to your bank. Repayment grace period is based on number of current loans (for 1/2/3 loans, grace period is 24 hours/12 hours/6 hours). Every 24 hours a payment is due after grace period at a percentage of total loan amount based on CpS/ loan ratio. If a payment is missed, cookies are immediately taken from your bank towards the loan to a maximum of 50% of your current cookies. In addition, perhaps a portion of your CpS is withered and forcibly applied to your debt until it is paid off or a Sugar Lump is used. Interest rate is lower based on bank level/number of banks.


This is different from loans because what you get from renting is not permanent. You pay less than buying the things out right, but you only get to keep them for a certain amount of time before they are taken back. Some intensive math needs to be done on this, but perhaps something like this:

Rent Price = half cost of item + half duration of the rent time in CpS

This should probably only apply to buildings and upgrades. This would allow players to, for example, rent those 10 extra Cursors to be able to buy the Octillion Fingers and get the Dr. T achievement. The player should not be able to sell those buildings, or if they do, make the rented buildings sell last so they will return a very small amount, kind of like when you have the Starter Kit heavenly upgrade. Then, they cannot rent again until the buildings are bought and returned. Since the player has paid upfront for the rented item, I'm not completely sure how to handle it if the player has sold the buildings if it would even be allowed to be done.

Those are the general ideas I've had and seemed fairly balanced at first glance, but I haven't done any real math to know for sure. I'd love to hear any comments or suggestions on these mini-game ideas.
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