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New Grimoire spell

dparejadpareja Member Posts: 453 ✭✭✭
Summon Reindeer (needs a better name, obviously)
Cost 5 + 5% of max magic
Effect: A reindeer appears. (If you own Distilled essence of redoubled luck, as with any other reindeer appearance, there is a 1% chance that this will be doubled.)
Backfire: Reindeer are twice as fast, appear half as often, and give half as much for the next 15 (or 30, or 60, or whatever) minutes. This timer only ticks down while the season is Christmas.
This spell cannot be cast if the season is not Christmas.

Mostly, to help with getting the Christmas cookies quickly, along with the Eldeer and Reindeer sleigher achievements.

The 1% doubling chance is to distinguish this in some way from Force the Hand of Fate, which cannot (I believe) spawn a double GC even if you have Distilled essence of redoubled luck.
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