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Floor Infinity RPG

NickCydenNickCyden Posts: 375Member ✭✭
edited September 2017 in Playground
Welcome to Floor infinity. An RPG where you all work together(Or against each other) to climb the seemingly endless tower(s?) You level up from gaining XP by killing monsters, completing floors and sidequests, and finding loot(You will gather COPIOUS amounts of loot, so you might want to have notepad or something) You may visit the shop along the way, as you'll gain gold as well that you can buy items and equipment with, and you can also sell equipment for more gold. The shop restocks every time you visit, and you may refresh the stock while you're in there if you don't like the current selection. There will also be raid towers you can enter by spending some gold, for a chance at AMAZING loot! Raid towers can only be completed once per day, and will be reset the following day(assuming I remember) I believe I have covered all the gameplay mechanics, time for characters.

To apply, give me your name, race, and class. I will give you a character sheet in accordance to that. The 5 stats will be

you can also throw in some backstory, but that's optional.

you may also gain abilities along the way(another reason to have notepad) and I think that's it!

the Current towers are:

Infinity tower(Floor 2/???)
Raid tower-F(Floor 1/10) cost-10G
Raid tower-W(Floor 1/10) cost 25G
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