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True Neverclick and Hardcore in the same run

because im bored and want to get even more boreder


  • dparejadpareja Member Posts: 455 ✭✭✭
    It'll take 3-4 hours, in my experience.
  • NfidellNfidell Member Posts: 6
    True Neverclick wasn't too bad. Hardcore took me more than a day. I guess the question is, can you start clicking after 1 mil? Cause after that you're just doing hardcore but made the 1st million take a really long time.
  • thatcactusgirlthatcactusgirl Member Posts: 7
    While technically yes, but if you're up for the challenge no haha
  • TewwTeww Member Posts: 79 ✭✭
    Takes a lot longer if you aren't paying attention to the Golden Cookies.
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  • EmilEmil Member Posts: 2
    Clicking after 1M in Hardcore is pretty much useless anyway, as a click is only one cookie w/o any upgrades
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