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Destroy the box (Based on The un-openable box)

NickCydenNickCyden Posts: 375Member ✭✭
edited September 2017 in Playground
Visit the source inspiration here:
I decided to make one of these myself because it seems really fun and could help me train my imagination, as I am a writer.

Chapter 1.0:The Box
You are wandering the beach, enjoying life. Suddenly you come across a small wooden box just lying there. You try to open it, but It does nothing. There doesn't seem to be a lock or anything, it just won't open. However, your mind is set. You WILL open that box!

How to attack:
1:Attack directly(example:Hit the box with an axe)
2:Attack indirectly(example:Summon a lightning storm)
3:Move it somewhere(example:incinerator)
4:buff allies/debuff the box
5:find non-conventional ways(example:shrink yourself and climb inside the box)

Box HP 9,999/10,000

You must all work together to open the box. Don't worry if your action doesn't do that much/any damage. You may gain an ability from it! I suggest keeping some sort of character sheet with all your abilities, and tell me what abilities you use with your attack. Also, 1 action per turn(when I reply to he actions)

Oh, and please, be clean. No genatalia, no gore(maybe in very specific situations)
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