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¤RunninginReverse¤¤RunninginReverse¤ Posts: 15,855Member, Friendly ✭✭✭✭✭
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Okay, so, this idea literally just came to me.

These are non-canon, non-story-based challenges for events that occurred in Dashnet City, including the Voidwalker games. If you complete the challenges, and you're a current part of Dashnet City, you'll get bonus items shipped to your character's house by a mysterious figure known as the Curator. You'll also get Medals of Honor, which can be used in the Shop to purchase other items also sent by the Curator.

The players IC will have no idea what's going on here, as this game itself is non-canon.

Let's just get right into the challenges, shall we?

More challenges shall be added as more games take place, and there are also a few based on planned games I have. If you want to put one of your own challenges up, do suggest them/ (Also, if you get references in item descriptions, you get 1 Medal for each reference correctly noted. PLEASE PM ME IF YOU THINK YOU GET THE REFERENCES, as posting them in the thread will give the answer away for everyone else. Also, some are easier than others.)


Realistic Flashlight
Survive the second FNaF Voidwalker game(the one where two people died and were brought back later) with a limited flashlight battery.
Difficulty: Normal
Reward: Freddle OR Cupcake (your choice)+ 10 Medals
A single Freddle that will attack enemies for you. It can die, however it's very fast and small, making it hard to hit.
"And as the years go by, our friendship will never die
You're gonna see, it's our destiny
You've got a friend in me"

A single sentient cupcake. The candle on it's head lights up in the dark. Holding your hand in the flame also seems to heal your wounds.
"RiR doesn't have any ideas for this quote, so he's not putting any here until later. PM him suggestions for 5 Merits. You won't get a merit for pointing out why this is here."

Golden Freddy Mode
Beat the second FNaF Voidwalker game, whilst all Animatronics become incredibly aggressive. ((Freddy is replaced by Golden Freddy, however it's purely aesthetic.))
Difficulty: Near impossible
Reward: Golden Gun (Pistol) OR 50 Medals
The Golden Gun:
Can be fired once per game. One-hit kills whoever it strikes. If the plot requires that the character survives, you will instead be informed of such, and your one bullet won't be used up. Also less effective on boss characters.
"Some guns get satisfaction
Breaking the mold
Some guns are just distractions
Some guns are just gold"

The True Name
Beat Chara whilst only using a knife.
Difficulty: Near impossible
Reward: The Real Knife OR The Locket OR 50 Merits
The Real Knife:
A symbol of the bond between player and character. It is said that this weapon can deal noticeable damage to a Voidlord in a single swipe.
"Was it really worth the cost?
Was it you who deserved to be the one left standing in the end?
Can you feel the darkness crawling with your sins?"

The Locket:
You can feel it beating. It is said that this locket increases your defense far beyond human levels.
"You chose to have loved and lost
Knowing well they'd never get the chance to see each other again
Can you hear the memories calling from within?"


Medal shop coming soon because I don't really have any ideas right now.


Medal leaderboards:

Vini - 4 Medals
Warning! Warning! One left in the way
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