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Refreshing after ascending breaks game

MikeOShayMikeOShay Member Posts: 2
I ascended, then Ctrl+F5ed shortly after, before buying any upgrades or getting any more heavenly chips. I got an error regarding my save in the console, and the game wouldn't load. I eventually had to clear local data, which normally would've ended my 3.5-year run on the game.

Luckily I went into the browser data and was able to retrieve my CC save, but it didn't retain my achievement stats and now I have to re-gain them. Be warned, everyone, export your save before refreshing the game, especially if you've just ascended.


  • ivanmiholi1ivanmiholi1 Member Posts: 7
    you dont have to re gain your achivments just clear your cookies and your internet cache and then enter your save. it works tested three times ;)
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