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hey it's "egg" - Augmenting Egg

jvsaddicjvsaddic Member Posts: 5
I don't know why, but I have this strange obsession with "egg". The famed +9 CpS upgrade dwelling in the Easter season.

When you hover over a building the box opens up saying "Each *building* produces *amount* cookies per second. Then it says how many cookies it has produced so far. I really want there to be one of these for egg when you hover over its icon under the Upgrades Unlocked heading.

Egg's nature is humorous to begin with, so I thought it would even be funny if you could spend a sugar lump to increase eggs production by +9 every level or something ridiculous like that.

Or, it could double the production of Egg with each level. With the normal sugar lump pricing system, (it would take a long while) but over time Egg would be overpowered, so to maintain the oh so important uselessness of egg I thought to just follow a random pricing system; like maybe the Fibonacci sequence for pricing,. I think Egg should remain useless, so I like this suggestion.

Egg could also have its own building special golden cookie effect where it multiplies cookie production +10% for each level, or just for each egg. (so, either 0 or 1)

If all the leveling up stuff and the golden cookie effect are too much, I at least would like the infographic mentioned at the beginning.


  • SekhmetSekhmet Member Posts: 172 ✭✭
    This is useless and fun. I like it :) And a minigame for egg!
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