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Gust Based Random Character Generator

I made this character generator awhile back, a lot of the names and features originate from Gust (JRPG) games.
Here's the link:
And here are a few examples of generated characters:

Name: Ieeya Eisler
Gender: Female
Age: 36
Race: Human
Appearance: Her hair is Vanilla colored in a Short Updo style, with Light Green colored eyes.
Physique: Youthful.
Occupation: Grifter.
Weapons: Decorative Fan.
Relationship: In a relationship.
Interests: Animals.
Turnoffs: Vegetables.
Traits: Somewhat sarcastic.
Description: She collects stamps as a hobby. . .

Name: Leard Clout
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Race: Human
Appearance: He has Raven Black colored Shaggy hair, with Forest Green colored eyes.
Physique: Muscular.
Occupation: Alchemist.
Weapons: Sword.
Relationship: In a relationship.
Interests: Spicy foods.
Turnoffs: Mushrooms.
Traits: Somewhat of a narcissus.
Description: He has a unique fashion sense. . .

Name: Jasmine Pram
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Race: Valkyrie
Appearance: Her hair is Chocolate colored in a Ribbon Tied Twin-Tails style, with Dark Blue colored eyes.
Physique: Athletic.
Occupation: Merchant.
Weapons: Pike and Shield.
Relationship: Widow.
Interests: Chocolate.
Turnoffs: Vegetables.
Traits: Is kind of a nerd.
Description: She misses her parents.

Name: Norman Ieeya
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Race: Human
Appearance: He has Green colored Spiky hair, with Grayish colored eyes.
Physique: Youthful.
Occupation: Alchemist.
Weapons: Dual Swords.
Relationship: Single.
Interests: Spicy foods.
Turnoffs: Losing.
Traits: Very agile.
Description: He is looking for someone.

One of the races that you might get is a Reyvateil, you have to be familiar with the Ar tonelico series to understand, but a short explanation would be that they're all women who are capable of using song magic. I actually made an entire setting specifically for them, so a lot of the results will differ depending on certain traits. I've also thrown in a few other things, like Jedi as an occupation.
Some of the characters that are generated are quite useful for concept ideas, or if your an artist looking for something to draw, at the same time some of the results fit together so well that it's creepy, where others seem so comical in how they fit together that it can be quite amusing. A few more examples:

Name: Swaya Reicher
Gender: Female
Age: 62
Race: Human
Appearance: Her hair is Lemon Yellow colored in a Long Updo style, with Grey colored eyes.
Physique: Youthful.
Occupation: Magician.
Weapons: Pike and Shield.
Relationship: Single.
Interests: Cute guys.
Turnoffs: Spiders.
Traits: Easily agitated.
Description: She wears glasses.

She must be using some sort of magic to conceal her true age. ^_^;

Name: Paul Tracken
Gender: Male
Age: They're too old to remember.
Race: Puni
Appearance: His hair is Orange colored in a Shaggy style, with Blueish Green eyes.
Physique: Well rounded.
Occupation: Gardener.
Weapons: Tomahawk.
Relationship: Single.
Interests: Peanuts.
Turnoffs: Has a fear of enclosed spaces.
Traits: Smart and agile.
Description: He is a bit nearsighted.

A 'well rounded' Puni with orange shaggy hair, and I can't help but wonder how he holds the tomahawk. :D
(Puni are the weakest enemy from the Atelier series, they're pretty much the equivalent of blue slime).

I hope it can be useful, feel free to modify the code to make your own, the section called "Status" is what determines which type of character it will load.


  • fishdavidsonfishdavidson Posts: 14Member ✭✭
    This is a pretty cool generator, and it shows that you've really put some effort into it. One question about the source code, though: what do those prefixes on your variable names mean (Like YT, AD, EL, etc)? I'm not entirely sure what those stand for. Your code is pretty clean and I really like it.
  • MetalraptorMetalraptor Posts: 4Member
    I'm not sure why, but it deleted my response, so I'll try to rewrite it to the best of my memories. ^_^;
    It basically uses tags to key in on certain specifics, most of these are designated based on the gender or age of the character being generated.

    This is what keys in on the description that's being used, which could be one of the following:
    Male Youth.
    Female Youth.
    Male Adult.
    Female Adult.
    Male Elderly.
    Female Elderly.
    Male Special.
    Female Special.
    Reyvateil Youth.
    Reyvateil Adult.

    Age terms:
    YT, Y - Young Teens, Youth (ages: 8-18).
    AD, A - Adult (ages: 19-39)
    El, E - Elderly (ages: 40-99)
    SP, S - Special, Unique (ages: 100-9999, example an, elf, ghost, vampire or someone with a long lifespan).

    Gender terms:
    MC, M - Male, Male Character.
    FC, F - Female, Female Character.

    In addition to this, R is short for Reyvateil, so RY is Reyvateil Youth and RA is Reyvateil Adult, which share many traits with Female Youth and Female Adult.
    A Reyvateil character's race is written out under their description instead of using a tag.

    Descriptions and traits also vary depending on gender age, a few examples:
    Male Youth: "He is looking for his parents."
    Female Youth: "She is looking for her parents."
    - This is a minor variation, where some others are more elaborate:
    Male Elderly: "He is currently looking for a nurse, preferably blond and in her 30s. . ."
    Female Elderly: "Her fire is still burning!!"
    Male Special: "He is plotting World Domination!!"
    Likes and Dislikes are also different depending on age as well as gender, I tried to avoid conflicts, so an adult might enjoy something that a youth dislikes.

    Here is the code for generating a Male Adult:
    <b><br>Name: [M-First Names] [Last Names]<br> <br>Gender: [M-Gender]<br> <br>Age: [AD-Age]<br> <br>Race: [M-Race]<br> <br>Appearance: His hair is [MC-Hair] colored in a [MS-Hair] style, with [Eyes] colored eyes.<br> <br>Physique: [M-Build]<br> <br>Occupation: [M-Class]<br> <br>Weapons: [M-Skills]<br> <br>Relationship: [MA-Relationship]<br> <br>Interests: [M-Likes]<br> <br>Turnoffs: [M-Dislikes]<br> <br>Traits: [Traits]<br> <br>Description: [MA-Info]<br></b> <br><br>

    Broken down:
    Name: [M-First Names] [Last Names]
    - First names are gender specific, last names are shared.
    Gender: [M-Gender]
    - Gender specific.
    Age: [AD-Age]
    - Based on age and gender.
    Race: [M-Race]
    - Based on gender.
    Appearance: His hair is [MC-Hair] colored in a [MS-Hair] style, with [Eyes] colored eyes.
    - MC (male hair color), MS (male hairstyle), eyes are shared by all character types.
    - M is replaced by F for females.
    Physique: [M-Build]
    - based on gender.
    Occupation: [M-Class]
    - based on gender.
    Weapons: [M-Skills]
    - based on gender.
    Relationship: [MA-Relationship]
    - based on gender and age.
    Interests: [M-Likes]
    - based on gender.
    Turnoffs: [M-Dislikes]
    - based on gender.
    Traits: [Traits]
    - Shared by all.
    Description: [MA-Info]
    - based on gender and age.

    I hope this helps to clarify how it works, it's been a few years since I wrote it up, so I'm at a bit of a loss myself. ^_^;
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