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CBTG gets wrong when selling a building

21102110 Posts: 93Member ✭✭
Because a video explains better than approximative words:

When selling a building, CBTG value gets the new in-bank value, instead of adding it to itself. Weird.
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  • ChocolateMachineChocolateMachine Posts: 106Member ✭✭
    That's on purpose.

    Normally selling a building doesn't increase the CBTA at all. You already baked those cookies before you spent them on a building. Let's say in a new game, you click 15 times, buy a cursor for 15, then sell it for 8. You have 8 cookies in the bank and you have baked 15 total. You haven't baked 23; those 8 were already counted among the original 15.

    The weirdness starts happening when you sell buildings for more than you bought them for, either because of some combination of price buffs or from something like spontaneous edifice. Here's the line in the sell function:
    Game.cookiesEarned=Math.max(Game.cookies,Game.cookiesEarned);//this is to avoid players getting the cheater achievement when selling buildings that have a higher price than they used to
    So the CBTA gets set to either itself or the cookies in bank, whichever is higher.
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