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Infinite cookies, no cheating

ivanmiholi1ivanmiholi1 Member Posts: 7
edited September 2017 in General Discussion
okay actualy not quite, but if you are in later stages of a run when you have to wait for half a day to afford one building this is quite healpfull. you need to make the buildings at least 4 % cheaper for this to work.for example in the panthenon put dotjeiess in the first slot then buy all of some random building(i buy mines)but dont buy cancemakers, then remove dotjeiess put earth shatterer dragon aura and sell the buildings(for my example mines). you will get more cookies than you started with. if you combine all of the cheaper buildings upgrades you get around 17% bonus cookies each time. and you can do it every hour. dont know if this is considerd cheating personaly i dont use this because its too much work but if it helps you guys then awsome
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