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I am getting Wrath Cookies yet I have not clicked on the One Mind

DatreborDatrebor Member Posts: 63 ✭✭
I ascended and clicked up to One Mind and I was getting Wrath cookies. The only spell I've used is 'Conjure Baked Goods'. I've heard that maybe this could be caused by the 'Force the Hand of Fate'. What could cause this? Was it some thing I did and not realize? Thanks. I saved the game and then clicked the 'One Mind' and then I was getting the wrinkles as I was not getting any before.


  • ChocolateMachineChocolateMachine Member Posts: 106 ✭✭
    Do you have Skruuia, spirit of scorn in the pantheon?
  • DatreborDatrebor Member Posts: 63 ✭✭
    I do. So that was the reason? I placed it there knowing I was going to click the one mind at some point. Thank you for the info.
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