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Versus mode

NaBUru38NaBUru38 Member Posts: 7
Speed Baking

The players start with zero cookies and a random upgrade (the same for all).
After a specified time, the player with most cookies wins.
Can be played as single run, best of 3, best of 5, best of 7.

Catch me

The Defender starts with a lot of cookies and no upgrades.
The Attacker starts with zero cookies and a random upgrade.
The Attacker must reach the amount of cookies of the Defender as fast as possible.

In round 1, Player 1 is the Defender, and Player 2 is the Attacker.
In round 2, Player 1 is the Attacker, and Player 2 is the Defender.
Player 1 must catch Player 2 in less time than the Player 2 catched Player 1.


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